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The Hungry Mills by Norman Longmate The story of the Lancashire Cotton Famine, 1861-65

Home-life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine by Edwin Waugh, 1862

The Effects of the Factory System by Allen Clarke, 1895

John O' Gods Sending [aka The Lass at the "Man and Scythe"] by Allan Clarke. A Civil War story.

The First Industrial Society: Lancashire by Chris Aspin, Lancashire, 1750-1850

Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain by Edwin Chadwick, 1842

Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 by Friedrich [or Frederick] Engels

A Report of the Sanatory Condition of the Borough of Bolton, 1848, by John Entwistle

Dr Ballard's Report upon the Sanitary Condition of the Registration District of Bolton, and particular upon its high Infant Mortality, 1871

Will yo' come o' Sunday mornin' by Paul Salveson The Battle for Winter Hill, 1896

Historical Gleanings of Bolton & District by B.T. Barton, 1881

Bygone Lancashire by Ernest Axon, 1892

Mid-Victorian Britain 1851-70 By Geoffrey Best, 1971

Employers and Labour in the English Textile Industries, 1850-1939, Edited by J.A. Jowitt and A.J. McIvor, 1988

A Lancashire Village's Contribution to the Early History of the Cotton Industry, 1570-1812 by Robert Walmsley, 1959. The village is Westhoughton and it is shelved at 677.21 in Westhoughton Library.

The Heaton's of Deane: The Varying Fortunes of a Lancashire Family over 850 Years by Edmund Ronald Heaton, 2000. Refers to both the family and the district of the town called Heaton.

Survival Strategies in Mid-nineteenth century Bolton by Jenny Field

Dobson & Barlow and the Bolton Engineers' Strike of 1887 by Grayson Holden

The Politics of Place: a comparative analysis of electoral politics in four Lancashire cotton textile towns, 1919-1939.

A Bolton Mill Village: The Eagley Story by Denis O'Connor, 2000

A Short History of Hall-i'th'Wood by Derek R. Mills, 1992

Bolton & District in Old Photographs by Chris Driver, 1999

Bolton's Industrial Heritage by Charles Jones, 2000

Bolton Past by Leslie Gent, 1995

Edgworth in the 1920's and 1930's by Arthur Fairhurst, 1997

Leverhulme's Rivington by M. D. Smith, 1998

Little Lever by Betty Connor, 1995

Pauper's Palace by Betty Connor, 1989. It is about Fishpool Workhouse

Robert Heywood of Bolton by William E. Brown 1971

The Cotton Mills of Bolton,1780-1985; A Historical Directory by James H Longworth 1987

The Politics of Water in Mid-Victorian Britain; The experience of Bolton by John Hassan & Peter Taylor

Papers by Peter F Taylor :-

The New paternalism and Labour-Capital relations in the Bolton Cotton Industry c. 1848-1877

Popular Politics and Labour / Capital Relations in Bolton 1825-1850

Handloom weavers and popular politics in Bolton, c 1825-1850

The Turton Local History Society has produced over 34 books which may be of interest. People and places are tied together and, if you are lucky, can add considerable detail to your researches.