A selection of some of the notable Bolton people.

Ainsworth, Alyn [1924-1990], Band Leader, Television Musical Director.

Ashworth, Alan, Professor [born 1960] Director of the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre at the Institute of Cancer Research, Co-discoverer of BRCA2 gene with Professor Mike Stratton.

Barlow, Thomas, Sir, KCVO, FRS, FRCP, [1845-1945, born Edgworth] - diagnosed Barlow's Disease, physician to Queen Victoria, Kings Edward VII & George V.

Cartwright, Jim [born 1958, Farnworth] - playwright.

Chadwick, Samuel Taylor, Dr [1809-1876] - doctor, politician and philanthropist. Born in Urmston but grew up in Bolton.

Cooper, Daniel, Sir [1821-1902] - first speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales.

Crompton, Samuel [1753-1827] - inventor of the Spinning Mule, major factor in creating the cotton factory system.

Dibnah, Fred [1938-2004, born Farnworth] - steeplejack, engineer and TV presenter.

Dobson, Benjamin Alfred, Sir [1847-1898] - Textile machinery manufacturer and Mayor of Bolton.

Foster, Joseph, - in 1863 started the company that became Reebok in a shop on St Helens Road.

Kroto, Harold, Sir [1939-2016] - chemist, Nobel Prize winner in 1996 for his work on Buckminsterfullerene.

Hulton, William [1787-1864] Lived at Hulton Park. As Chairman of the Bench of Manchester Magistrates he read "The Riot Act" and issued the orders to the troops that started the Peterloo Massacre.

Hylton, Jack [1892-1965] - band leader and broadcaster.

Kay, Peter [born 1973] - comedian, actor, writer and producer.

Lassell, William [1799-1880] - astronomer, discoverer of the moons Ariel and Triton.

Lawton, Tommy [1919-1996 born Farnworth] - International footballer, Burnley, Everton, Arsenal, Chelsea and England.

Lever, William Hesketh, Bt, 1st Viscount Leverhulme [1851-1925] - founder of Unilever.

Lofthouse, Nathaniel [1925-2011] - International footballer, Bolton Wanderers, and England, often referred to as "The Lion of Vienna".

Lord, Stanley [1877-1962] - Captain of the SS Californian, the ship closest to RMS Titanic as she sank.

Marsh, George [1515-1555] - a Protestant Martyr who was burnt at the stake for his faith at Boughton near Chester.

McKellen, Ian, Sir [born 1939] - stage and screen actor; educated at Bolton School.

Naughton, Bill [1910-1992][born Ireland but educated in Bolton] - author and playwright.

Pringle, Bryan [1935-2002 [born Tamworth, raised Bolton] - actor.

Rostron, Arthur Henry, Sir, RD, KBE, RNR [1869-1940] - Captain of the RMS Carpathia, first ship to aid the RMS Titanic.

Shaw, Robert [1927-1978, born Westhoughton] - actor and writer.

Whitehead, Robert [1823-1905] - developed the first self-propelled torpedo and was great-grandfather of the Von Trapp children [Sound of Music].

Wolfendale, Arnold, Sir, FRAS, FRS [born Farnworth, 1927] - Astronomer Royal from 1991 to 1995, President of the European Physical Society (1999 - 2001).

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